McVeigh Law can help you and your organisation engage with government programs.

The director of McVeigh Law has:

  • Drafted detailed law reform submissions for community organisations including in relation to the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry
  • Given oral and written evidence to the Queensland Parliament in relation to the Police Powers and Responsibilities Bill 2011
  • Provided feedback to the Commonwealth Government’s consultation draft Baseline Study on Human Rights and Human Rights Framework and the Consolidation of Commonwealth Anti-Discrimination legislation
  • Made a submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission Discussion Paper: Family Violence – Commonwealth Laws and to the National Human Rights Consultation and the Productivity Commission’s public inquiry into paid parental leave.

Improving your service delivery

McVeigh Law can improve your service delivery by:

  • Conducting research to inform the development of your projects
  • Producing reports that analyse and evaluate your work
  • Developing policy and procedure documents, employee contracts and grants applications.